2015 in Running

I love to run. I used to hate running. Like ask anyone that knew me in high school and you could not pay me to run. My freshman year of college I took up running because my university did not have a volleyball team (my primary sport all throughout middle and high school). I was devastated that I would not have a team in college so I picked a new sport, so I started running. And I still hated it. It took a while but after my first season of cross country I was hooked.

I have dealt with many injuries throughout my running career (and currently am in a walking boot, which is such a drag!), but I always come back to.

Last year I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do two runDisney races, The Color Run, three other road races, and many many school races. I am so thankful for my (decently) good health and that I found this love of running. I’m looking forward to getting out of this boot and three weeks and running again!

I love being an athlete, I love the workouts we do, and I love the joy that running brings me. Oh and race bibs, t-shirts, and medals are nice, too. 🙂


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