Golden Puppies

Guys I’m literally in love with golden retrievers. They are hands down the cutest things on the planet. I need one. I send pictures of goldens to my boyfriend and my friends all day long. Like need is an understatement. I want to adopt an adorable little puppy and be its mommy and take it on fun hikes and adventures and just love it so much. I’m obsessed.

Look at their furry little faces! THE ONE IN THE SCARF AND GLASSES!?!?! I can’t! Gimme gimme gimme!! Like have we ever seen anything comparable to the cuteness? Nope. They’re just so happy and excitable! I want one all of my own to love! Okay. I’m done. Enjoy these pictures of dogs.

*None of these images are mine, because I do not have a golden. Yes, I know this is very sad, I deal with the grief everyday, I appreciate your condolences. All of these are from Tumblr or Pinterest or the inter-web and belong to their rightful owners*


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