My Running Essentials

running essentials.png

Okay, so here are a few of my everyday running essentials! Right now I’m in a funk coming back from a foot injury but normally I run everyday! Especially during the summer when the weather is nice. So I thought I’d share with you all some of my running essentials.

First and foremost are my favorite running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Rider. I’m in LOVE with these sneakers, I got them last summer for the first time and I’m on my second pair now. They’re the greatest running shoes I’ve ever worn! I’ve been through some Adidas and Saucony shoes, but these Mizuno’s are far superior, I love them! I wear neutral shoes because I do not over-pronate or under-pronate so I do not need any extra support. I have had shin injuries though so I find these are a great support and comfortable with out being over supportive.

My second pair of shoes is my pair of HOKA One One. I have the Conquest which is an older model, but I really like them for walking and recovery because they are so supportive and don’t put any extra strain on my legs. I haven’t actually run in these shoes since I got them for Christmas mid-foot injury.

Other things that I love are my Garmin Forerunner 10 watch, Champion Absolute Workout Sports Bras (perfect support for running!), and Nike tempo shorts. These are three thing I never run without. I find these Champion sports bras to be the most comfortable and I love Nike tempo shorts I have probably 30 pairs, they’re great for running and just being out and about.

I like track and soccer pants for my post run cover up, it’s important especially in the fall, winter, and spring to cover up your limbs quickly after a run or workout, and these types of pants are great for that. I also really like tank tops and I usually wear a long sleeve over them so I can take it off once I warm up!

And lastly, socks. I am THE pickiest person when it comes to socks. My feet get so darn uncomfortable and it’s just awful. So when it comes to running there are only two types of socks I will wear. The first are these athletic socks from Target that are part of their C9 line with Champion, they have a heel tab to protect your heel from blisters. I buy these in store and I usually get the all black packs because I usually destroy white socks. The second type of socks I will wear are Nike mid-calf socks.

The main thing that I make sure to keep in mind with all my running gear is comfort. Runs are usually long and I sucks to be two or three miles from home and you can’t focus on anything but how uncomfortable your sock, or you bra strap, or the seam of your shorts are. It doesn’t matter how cute you look on your run, if you’re in discomfort!

And when it comes to purchasing these items, I buy my shoes from Marathon Sports and I usually get my running apparel from Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Sports Authority, or sometimes Marathon Sports. I’m always on the lookout for an apparel sale or a coupon!


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