Spring Break State of Mind

Okay, so like I mention in this post a few days ago, I’m going to California on Spring Break in less than two weeks and I’m just so darn excited. Dreaming of warm sunny beach days is what’s getting me through these next 13 days!

Naturally, I’ve been adoring some swimwear online and I thought I’d share some of the cutest ones I’ve seen. I wish that I could buy all of these, but unfortunately I don’t have a bottomless budget to spend on swimwear. C’est la vie.

These two suit are from Aerie, and right now Aerie swimwear is BOGO 50%! I just got these two suits today!

I’m super into one pieces, but honestly I have a long body so I don’t know how they’re going to look on me. After reading the reviews for these two suits (left / right), most people who got them said that you need to order a size up. My motto when it comes to clothes is that I don’t care what size it is as long as it looks good on! It’s so easy to get frustrated and upset about sizes and numbers, but they’re just that numbers! The size that you wear has nothing to do with the person you are.

In terms of two piece swim wear from Aerie, I really love this top, I don’t know how I feel about the mesh, but I have a crotchet top from here that is that same cut and style as this one, just from last year, and I absolutely love the coverage and it’s so comfortable!


I loveee this suit from ASOS, and I honestly just might have to buy it. I’m honestly obsessed with it.

Personally, I’m a big fan of L*Space bikini tops (I’ve never tried there bottoms, but I would definitely try them!) Their suits are a bit more expensive but they’re definitely worth it. I have a top similar to the left and middle picture and it’s really great I wear it almost every time I put on a suit! Worth every single penny! I also love the Chloe wrap top! I feel like these are super popular right now and they look great on everyone, and it comes in tons of colors!

And then here’s just some swim wear inspiration I have for spring break and the upcoming summer of 2016!


And lastly, a swim suit I am absolutely obsessed with that my favorite blogger, Amber Fillerup Clark of barefootblonde.com recently posted on her Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.29.56 PM

I’m obsessed!

Ugh, less than two weeks!


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