I’ve been in such a slump the past few days, everything just seems to keep going wrong.

Yesterday I had to go to four post offices before I got to one that would do my passport! FOUR! And then it took like 5 minutes to do! I was bummed that I had to drive all over and just on top of all the other little things it was just too much, ugh. I’m over it all.

I’m trying to be positive and today is much better because it is a beautiful spring(ish) day out! I am just in love with flowers lately, I wish there were flower fields near me because flowers are just too darn pretty! Who else is ready for spring, cause I know I am soooo ready! Since we got back from California I have just been so done with this fickle New England weather! One day it’s warm one day it’s cold and snowing! What is up with this!

I’m so ready to wear dresses and shorts and not be cold! And sandals! I wear sandals almost everyday anyway so it’ll be nice when my toes aren’t cold anymore! I got the most gorgeous and comfortable sandals and I cannot wait to wear them!

Graduation is only 52 days away!



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