Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold and snow? Okay well here we go… Last week I was enjoying nice warm spring weather and this week I wake up to a white wonderland outside my window. Honestly what the heck Mother Nature?!

I’m in such a mondaze today, Monday’s are hard! I wanted to go to spin this morning but just couldn’t convince myself with the snow outside. C’est la vie! I’m such a wimp in the cold, I honestly hate it. I’m such a baby! I love warm breezes and sun, not frigid cold fronts and snow.

On Saturday we had the longest day of shopping. It was exhausting! How is that whenever you need something you can never find it, but when you don’t need something you find a million things that you like! I had to find a dress for a formal we’re going to this week and man, I went in every single store in the mall and found nothing and then finally went to a dress store and tried on at least 30 dresses before finding even one that I liked!

Anyway here are some hopeful bright spring things to lift your (and my) spirits.


Have I mentioned I love flowers? Haha.



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