Summer Running Essentials


So unless you live in Antarctica or the Northern Canada, summer running can be a killer because of the heat. Here in the US of A it is starting to get pretty warm out, and I can only image that it’s going to get even warmer. With this warm weather comes the summer running essentials, and here are some of mine.

A couple months ago I shared with you My Running Essentials and most of those are still true but in the summer a couple other things become super important too!

Nike Tempo running shorts are THE only shorts I will run in. I find them so comfortable. I know some people don’t like the lining on the inside and refuse to wear them, but like I love these shorts so much I wear them almost everyday, whether I’m running or just in everyday life. These are my go to. You can get them anywhere, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Nordstrom, literally anywhere!


The Champion Absolute Workout Sports Bra is my favorite sports bra for running. Personally, I have a little more boob than some people so I need more support, but I find that some of the “supportive” bras are too supportive and when I’m running they are squishing me and making me uncomfortable. This sports bra on the other hand is perfect. Also it is SPANDEX! Which in the summer is super necessary for me. I hate cotton sports bras, they make me feel so uncomfortable when they are super sweaty. Not about it.

Sunscreen! Sunscreen is of the upmost importance especially in the summer! Lately I’ve been using Sun Bum which I really like! I’m super pale and get burned easily and this works well for me and it’s  In the past I have used Neutrogena sport when I played softball and found it to work soooo well! Like honestly one of the best sunscreens ever. Sunscreen is so important for everyone! Even if you think you don’t burn easily it is just a protective measure that needs to be taken by everyone!

I like to wear a hat when I run, I really don’t like the sun in my eyes. I wear a Nike Golf hat that I got in Disney World a few years ago! I like spandex/sweat-wicking hats because I don’t like just regular hats when I run. These are a running hat (left) and a golf hat (right) that I found on Dick’s Sporting Goods that I thought were super cute.

Hydration! Hydration is KEY. This is a before and after running essential. I don’t carry water with me when I run. Having been a cross country runner I knew that I was going to have to run at least 3.1 miles with out water so I stopped running with water a few weeks into running. Also I just don’t like having to carry something heavy when I run! I bring a Nalgene bottle with me everywhere I go, and I use one of these little black sipper things. I have and LOVE this cup on the right. I found one last year (in Disney at EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival) and I fell in loveeee with it! Then someone knocked it off my desk and it broke and I cried for about a week. True story. Then I was in my university’s bookstore at the end of this year returning my books and I SAW ANOTHER ONE! It was AMAZING! I love cups with straws, and I find that I drink so much more when I’m sipping through a straw.


I love Spotify. I love making playlist. To me Spotify is so worth the money versus buying a bunch of songs or going through the process of downloading them all! And it give you the flexibility to choose your music rather than Pandora and the random stations.


DIXIE CUPS! If you’re like me and have shin splints these are SO helpful! Fill these up with water put them in the freezer and you have the perfect ice cups. I use these by running them on my shins and knees and wherever on my legs aches and they are so effective.

Have any other running essentials that I missed? Comment below to let me know what you can’t run without!


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