Hi everyone,

Life is pretty crazy lately, I’m a camp counselor so there is never a dull moment, or a free moment, during the day.

Per usual I’ve got that travel itch and wish I could go everywhere in the world. And a bite from the exercise and yoga bug. 7f5ca85dc473d2031bbc76e45da9e4eb683cb842cdb4c25f06b3a6e196a22d816650db2ae27262af30efcb6dc755b7a940349c7403a9269b743045339d476e069128237e07c1fccee6e3ee3eee0ae934bc48ca1d15428ec115bed4d783295d53


Before I go I have to tell you a story. The other night Matt was cooking dinner, four frying pans going all at once, and we had the door was open cause it was so nice outside and SUDDENLY a huge dragonfly, I mean bigger than the size of my hand, flies right into the house. Now you might be thinking oh that’s not so bad, it’s just a dragonfly, yeah maybe to you, but for me on the other hand no. I am deathly afraid of all insects that fly, especially dragonflies. I’m not even joking.

So there is this huge dragonfly in my house flying all about and I’m hyperventilating and basically in tears. Broom in hand swatting at it to try to get it to go back out the door, but it just won’t. I tried, crying, for about 5 minutes before Matt finally took over. He got it out like a champ. He could be a professional dragonfly getter-outer.

So here’s to hoping no dragonflies fly into your house and that you all have a great weekend!