Martha’s Vineyard


^^ Had to treat myself a little, or a lot 🙂


This past weekend we were down the Cape for a family party on Saturday and decided to take a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We took the ferry out of Falmouth, the Island Queen. I love this ferry because it’s only $20 round trip and it takes you right to the heart of Oaks Bluff, which if you’re just going for the day is a great place to be because it is where all of the touristy things are and you’re in walking distance to buses, bike rentals, moped rentals, taxis, and car rentals.

We walked around Oaks Bluff for a bit, we hit up The Black Dog Cafe and I got an iced Alabama latte, and man was it delicious. I was too busy downing the whole thing in one gulp to even take a picture of that beautiful creation.

We continued to walk around and poke in shops and decide what we wanted to do. We stumbled upon this store called Captain’s Club. It was so cool and if you bought something you get to sign your name anywhere! On the walls, the floors, the ceiling, etc. I loved that the walls in their fitting room was cover in coasters, it was so cool.

All morning we had been torn between renting bikes or renting a moped, but the major issue was if we wanted to rent a moped we needed to have closed-toed shoes, which neither of us did. This is a big thing in MV (and probably every where they rent mopeds): IF YOU WANT TO RENT A MOPED YOU NEED CLOSED-TOED SHOES! So plan accordingly because we did not and we both ended up having to buy closed-toed shoes. I got cute gold sparkly ones.

We rented our moped and headed off to Edgartown to look around and explore and then headed up to Vineyard Haven to grab lunch at The Black Dog Tavern. We snuck in about 45 minutes before they closed for lunch so we ordered quick, gobbled up our food, and headed out! I got the Vineyard Cobb salad and it was so good, and I got their house sangria white and that was amazing as well!

We headed back to Oaks Bluff to drop off our moped, grabbed some ice cream, and then waited it out for the next ferry cause we were beat. It was such a fun day. I had never been on a moped before so that was really fun too!



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