Aimless Wanderer

Hi everyone! Over the weekend I took some time to explore the city. I’m still new here and don’t really know anyone so I set out on my own with no destination in mind.


I ended up walking like 50 blocks down Lexington. I’d been taking the subway all week long, so I started walking because I wanted so see what was around!

I stopped in Gregory’s Coffee for a latte and a bite to eat. I sat for a bit and then I started walking again, the sky was looking gloomy but according to my weather apps there was 0 chance of rain. I popped in Lush and ended up getting trapped inside the store for about 40 minutes in a terrible rain storm. I tried a lot of different things out and I ended up buying the Movis bar, which is a face wash, and I bought an Oatifix face mask! This Lush was so cool because it had a spa in it! It definitely peaked my interest and got me thinking about getting a spa treatment there soon!

The rain calmed down a little bit and I was feeling bad that I had been walking around there store for almost an hour, so I ran across the street and went into Bloomingdales and walked around their for a bit because it started down pouring, and eventually I got trapped into getting a makeover from the a woman at the NARS counter. I’ve never used NARS before this and honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan. I didn’t like the tinted moisturizer or whatever she used on me, it looked off and didn’t really blend into my skin. There were a few things I did like but they were way to expense for not loving them.

It finally stopped raining for good and I left Bloomingdales and started walking again. I popped in some more stores as I walked, the I finally got to Grand Central Station, and I’d never been inside so I decided to pop in and explore a little bit!

Afterward I walked over to Bryant Park and walked around, the lawn was closed because of the rain, but I loved Bryant Park. There were so many things to do! They had ping pong tables, games to play, there was a big screen that was up for summer movies, there was a carousel, everything was so cool!

I kept on exploring and I hopped on the subway down to Washington Square Park, I walked around the park and then I explored Soho for a bit! I went in a bunch of stores, a couple of galleries, and I went in an artist/small vendor market. I walked and walked and walked some more and eventually ended up at Chelsea Market, I went in and walked around I bought a cookie for later and had a burger from Creamline. Then I went up to the High Line and walk for a bit. It was so beautiful up there as the sun was setting! I walked around a little more and then made my journey back home!


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