Aimless Wanderer

Hi everyone! Over the weekend I took some time to explore the city. I’m still new here and don’t really know anyone so I set out on my own with no destination in mind.


I ended up walking like 50 blocks down Lexington. I’d been taking the subway all week long, so I started walking because I wanted so see what was around!

I stopped in Gregory’s Coffee for a latte and a bite to eat. I sat for a bit and then I started walking again, the sky was looking gloomy but according to my weather apps there was 0 chance of rain. I popped in Lush and ended up getting trapped inside the store for about 40 minutes in a terrible rain storm. I tried a lot of different things out and I ended up buying the Movis bar, which is a face wash, and I bought an Oatifix face mask! This Lush was so cool because it had a spa in it! It definitely peaked my interest and got me thinking about getting a spa treatment there soon!

The rain calmed down a little bit and I was feeling bad that I had been walking around there store for almost an hour, so I ran across the street and went into Bloomingdales and walked around their for a bit because it started down pouring, and eventually I got trapped into getting a makeover from the a woman at the NARS counter. I’ve never used NARS before this and honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan. I didn’t like the tinted moisturizer or whatever she used on me, it looked off and didn’t really blend into my skin. There were a few things I did like but they were way to expense for not loving them.

It finally stopped raining for good and I left Bloomingdales and started walking again. I popped in some more stores as I walked, the I finally got to Grand Central Station, and I’d never been inside so I decided to pop in and explore a little bit!

Afterward I walked over to Bryant Park and walked around, the lawn was closed because of the rain, but I loved Bryant Park. There were so many things to do! They had ping pong tables, games to play, there was a big screen that was up for summer movies, there was a carousel, everything was so cool!

I kept on exploring and I hopped on the subway down to Washington Square Park, I walked around the park and then I explored Soho for a bit! I went in a bunch of stores, a couple of galleries, and I went in an artist/small vendor market. I walked and walked and walked some more and eventually ended up at Chelsea Market, I went in and walked around I bought a cookie for later and had a burger from Creamline. Then I went up to the High Line and walk for a bit. It was so beautiful up there as the sun was setting! I walked around a little more and then made my journey back home!


I’m Moving!!

I recently was offered an amazing internship opportunity and this weekend I’m moving….




I’m seriously so excited! And nervous! I move in on Sunday and I start my internship on Monday! I’m going to be there through mid-January and I already have a list of so many things that I want to do! I’m going to be posting my NYC bucket list here in the next couple of days! If anyone has any recommendations of things I definitely cannot miss let me know!

This will be my first time living in a big city and I’m super excited about all of new food, museums, shows, things to see, places to run, just everything!


Martha’s Vineyard


^^ Had to treat myself a little, or a lot 🙂


This past weekend we were down the Cape for a family party on Saturday and decided to take a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We took the ferry out of Falmouth, the Island Queen. I love this ferry because it’s only $20 round trip and it takes you right to the heart of Oaks Bluff, which if you’re just going for the day is a great place to be because it is where all of the touristy things are and you’re in walking distance to buses, bike rentals, moped rentals, taxis, and car rentals.

We walked around Oaks Bluff for a bit, we hit up The Black Dog Cafe and I got an iced Alabama latte, and man was it delicious. I was too busy downing the whole thing in one gulp to even take a picture of that beautiful creation.

We continued to walk around and poke in shops and decide what we wanted to do. We stumbled upon this store called Captain’s Club. It was so cool and if you bought something you get to sign your name anywhere! On the walls, the floors, the ceiling, etc. I loved that the walls in their fitting room was cover in coasters, it was so cool.

All morning we had been torn between renting bikes or renting a moped, but the major issue was if we wanted to rent a moped we needed to have closed-toed shoes, which neither of us did. This is a big thing in MV (and probably every where they rent mopeds): IF YOU WANT TO RENT A MOPED YOU NEED CLOSED-TOED SHOES! So plan accordingly because we did not and we both ended up having to buy closed-toed shoes. I got cute gold sparkly ones.

We rented our moped and headed off to Edgartown to look around and explore and then headed up to Vineyard Haven to grab lunch at The Black Dog Tavern. We snuck in about 45 minutes before they closed for lunch so we ordered quick, gobbled up our food, and headed out! I got the Vineyard Cobb salad and it was so good, and I got their house sangria white and that was amazing as well!

We headed back to Oaks Bluff to drop off our moped, grabbed some ice cream, and then waited it out for the next ferry cause we were beat. It was such a fun day. I had never been on a moped before so that was really fun too!


New York City Weekend


A few weeks ago, I headed to New York City with my mom to checkout a Pixar exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum before it closed! If you like design, I highly recommend the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. It was awesome, and it was only $9 with a student ID. SCORE!

We saw Trip of Love, checked out the Top of the Rock, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ice & Vice, and the High Line. I got the black dress I’m wearing at Target and honestly it’s one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever own and it’s only $20! I went back and got one in another color for $10 yesterday!

It was a fun weekend trip for us, we tried a lot of new things. Normally we end up doing the same things every time we’re in the city, so it was nice to mix it up. I love the braids that I did this weekend. I love the double dutch cross into crossed fishtails, it always looks so cute.

You guys will never believe what happened to me in the subway! We were waiting for our train to come and I felt something fall on my head. I was extremely puzzled. There was this light-weight pressure on my head so I flicked it away. It was a cockroach, A COCKROACH! It flew away to a near by trash can. I kid you not, this thing was bigger than the full size of my thumb! It was huge! It was a little monster! I debated shaving my whole head off after this traumatic incident, but decided against it. Really though, I am scarred.


Life Lately

This summer has really flown by for me. I worked as summer camp counselor at a day camp nearby and it has really made the days go by fast.

Here’s a little recap of what I did this summer!

4th of July

For the Fourth we headed up to Old Orchard Beach. We rented a house on HomeAway for the weekend and had some friends come up too. It was a lot of fun, it was our first time using any website like HomeAway or AirBnB and we had a really great experience with it.


We went fishing off a jetty, I got my line caught in the rocks and spent the whole time trying to free it. We spent the Fourth at the beach all day and then had lobsters and steak for dinner, it was great! It was so nice to get away for a weekend.

While we were in OOB, Matt and his friend were playing frisbee down by the water at the beach and he jumped in to catch the frisbee and lost his good sunglasses. We spent so long searching for them in the water, but the waves had to have taken them. I was so bummed they were gone. Losing things always bums me out.

Summer Hair & Cape Cod


A couple of weeks ago, we went to Cape Cod to visit my family and we caught a Cape Cod League baseball game while we were out there.


Hiking Mt. Monadnock 


A few weekends ago, we had Matt’s friends up for a visit and we all went and hiked Mt. Monadnock. This was something I had wanted to do since we moved up her and we picked a great day for it. There was a big rain storm the night before so it had cooled off quite a bit and we had nice cool weather for the hike. We used walking sticks that one of our friends had made and they were super helpful! It was a great hike! We went up the white dot trail and down the white cross. The white dot has a lot of rock faces that you have to climb up basically on all fours.

I’ve had a few more adventures this summer too that I will post about soon!


San Diego Polaroids


















We had such a blast in San Diego and one of my favorite things about traveling is taking my “polaroid” camera with me! I know it’s not a real polaroid but whatever! I have the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. It’s so much fun to bring on vacation with me!  I love the pictures that it takes and having them right there and then!

A lot of my friends have the Mini one which I like but I love the size of my photos better! So to me it’s worth it to lug around the bigger camera because I prefer the photos size.


San Diego


























SANDALS: Yara Birkenstock // DRESS: Old Navy // BAG: Francesca’s

We had such a great time exploring San Diego! We spent 7 days there and we just let ourselves wander around and explore. The only big thing that we had planned the whole time we were there was going to the San Diego Zoo, which was amazing and so fun! We did that on our first full day there and man did it tire us out! We got there right at 9 o’clock for opening and we were there until 4! But we were able to see everything and we had a great time! We ate a ton while we were away and everything we did eat was amazing! You can read more about our food here!

I did most of my pre-trip research on Pinterest, not going to lie, I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict! Or I would just google key phrases of things I remembered hearing or being told about San Diego! We hit up all the major areas! The Gaslamp District, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, North Park, Little Italy, Coronado, Sunset Cliffs, Balboa, the list goes on! We did a TON of walking but also used Lyft to get from point A to point B in most cases. We stayed in Mission Valley which is right in the middle of everything but not in walking distance of anything. We bought trolley tickets on the first day, but decided it wasn’t really for us. The T station was about a 10-15 minute walk from our hotel and it was a little creepy late at night so we opted just to pay for Lyft.

My favorite thing of the trip was the Zoo and just exploring and getting to see everything! And the donuts! Actually, the highlight was probably getting to see all the seals and baby seals in La Jolla! Matt loved all the beaches! We would definitely go back to San Diego, it was a really fun city.

The worst thing that happened on our trip was Matt forgot his phone in one of the Lyft drivers cars! And it was the phone we called the Lyft from! We were freaking out about how we weren’t going to be able to get it back and he would have to get a new one but thank goodness for Find My iPhone! We were able to lock the phone, make it sound a million times, and leave a message for whoever found it to call my phone! It must’ve been on the floor in the back on the car because I called it what felt like a hundred times and no one was picking up! It was so frustrating, just answer the darn phone! But luckily the Lyft driver called my phone and was kind enough to come back to our hotel even though he was already on the other side of the city. But besides that one bump our trip went so smoothly! We had such a great time!



A Taste of San Diego



Casa de Reyes – Old Town




Baja Beach Cafe – Pacific Beach




The Donut Bar – Downtown (AMAZING)

IMG_0327^ Peanut Butter Jameson Shots!


IMG_0333OB Noodle House – Ocean Beach



Swami’s – North Park


Mission Beach


^^ Look at how big that piece of pizza is!


Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill



^^ Free pie compliments of the chef and owner for Pi Day!




Sugar and Scribe – La Jolla


In-N-Out (We are such tourists)




Snooze: an AM Eatery – Hillcrest


The Great Maple – North Park (look at that face! Last morning and he was so annoyed with me taking pictures of him and food before he was allowed to eat anything!)

I just got back from San Diego and it was so much fun! We ate SO much! Like so so much, but I loveee food so it’s okay haha! Eating out is one of my favorite parts of vacation and I loved pretty much everywhere we ate.

We ate all over San Diego and tried lots of new things! Matt fell in love with fish tacos, he tried them the first night and was hooked!

I’m glad to be back home, but I do miss all the food options over in San Diego! And the palm trees!


Walk in the Woods









IMG_4420 (1)


Yesterday, Matt and I decided to go for a little adventure. We were feeling ambitious and we were a tad oblivious to the cold. We went for a hike on a small mountain near where we live, the trail we took was only a mile to the top but less than half way up we realized it was far too cold, we turned around. I was okay because I had a sweater and a jacket on, but matt on the other hand just had a spirit jersey and was freezing.

I love this early spring time when everything is thawing out and coming back to life, there were a ton of little streams that we had to meander over because of all the snow that had been melting. Matt went out on the ice at one point, but that was a little too daring for me.


My Disney College Program Experience: Looking Back

One year ago today I embarked on the biggest journey of my life up until that point, I packed up my car and drove to Florida for the Disney College Program. I had heard about other people’s experiences with the program a number of times, but now it was finally my turn to live the Disney life. The Disney College Program is an amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be compared to anything else. As amazing as it was to live and work and play at Walt Disney World for five months, the greatest part about the Disney College Program for me was the people I met and connected with because of it.

On day one I was so nervous to meet my roommates, we had talked beforehand for weeks and gotten to known each other, but nothing is more nerve racking than meeting people who you’ve been talking to online in person. If you’ve done the DCP or know anyone that has you may have heard the roommate horror stories, especially being a girl living with 3-5 other girls, you can only imagine the awful things that can happen. One of the girls I met on my program had the most awful roommates, the touched her stuff, they were rude, they told her on a daily basis that she should self-terminate and go home. They were just plain mean. I’m not quite sure how, but I hit the roommate jackpot.

Zoe, from our first awkward online encounter (which basically entailed of ‘Oh you like the show friends? I like the show friends! Wanna be roommates?’) to absolutely every moment on our program that we spent together, I can’t even put into words how thankful I am that I found you. Like no, I’m going to get far too emotional I refuse. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky to have found a best friend because of this program but I am so grateful that I did because you made my program what it was.

Laura. I bet you’re already crying. Again I don’t know how I was so lucky as to have our little lives collide, I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed jamming out to Justin Bieber and One Direction with you, kissing you on the cheek in the parks and getting strange looks, and just overall getting to know you. I miss you randomly crying when you thought about Walt, or Mary Poppins, or many, many, many other things that would result in immediate waterworks. Also thank you for being the mother of wayho. WAYHO.

Mary. Again, honestly I don’t even want to imagine what my program would have been without you being a part of it, I love you to the moon and back and I’m so incredibly thankful that the universe somehow put us all together. Can we all just call out and go to Freddy’s and then sit in the apartment because we’re too afraid of getting caught calling out? Okay, thanks.

Alexis and Kaylee, again I’m so thankful that we all got to live together (in three different apartments) and experience and share so much of our programs together. I met so many people who didn’t bond with their roommates at all, but I am so glad that I spent the majority of my program with you six.

Drew. You were basically an honorary roommate. I love you so much as a human being and I’m so thankful that I met you and that you became such good friends with all of us. Thank you for being our seventh dwarf and making us whole. Also I’m still very sorry that you were barely in any of the videos, but don’t worry I’ll always remember you as a huge part of my program.

Now it’s safe to say that I was less than thrilled when I found out my role and where I was going to be working, I couldn’t even fake being happy. I tried, I was bad at it. I do recall at least three separate occasions where I sat in the break room and held back tears because I was so upset at how “unfair my life was”. Yes, I hate me too. Working at Walt Disney World, and especially in the Disney College Program, there are many less than ideal roles, actually it’s about 90% of less than ideal roles. Not everybody gets to hang out with a princess or drive a Jungle Cruise or do something else exciting and cool. Some of us get to work in merchandise and get yelled at in many different languages and scolded about how high the prices are on a daily basis. No matter what role you get, it’s not the role that matters or makes your DCP what it is, it’s the people that you met and the bonds you create. Everyone that I worked with was amazing and my job and my program would not have been the same without them, from my fellow CPs and ICPs to the regular staff up to my leaders, I loved the staff that I got to work with and I wouldn’t have traded any of it even to get to hang out with Snow White or Belle.

Julia, truly you are one of the most special people I met in my life and I can’t imagine having worked without you. Like I actually would have had to quit or lock myself in the cooler if I didn’t get to suffer many, many nights with you by my side.

Emily and Rachel, in the beginning I thought it was just going to be the us for the entire program and that they weren’t sending us any more CPs and I honestly cried, a lot. But even if they hadn’t I would’ve been glad that I was with you guys. I love you both so much and I’m so thankful I got to spend so much time with you and hear all about your lives and annoy leaders when we should have been working.

There are so many amazing people that I worked with that I can’t go into detail about because it would literally take ages and I don’t think anyone would want to read all of that, I’m not even sure if they’ve made it this far, but if you have I commend you, but all of the amazing people I worked with are what made my program so memorable and special and I’m so lucky and thankful to have gotten to work with them and play in the parks with them. Margaret and Hunter, I love you both so much. Mean Ben, thank you for letting Julia and I drag you to Cocoa Beach with us for the sunrise. Jae and Maggie, I love you both and you made all my days at work happy ones. Gabi and Lucy, I missed you so much my entire program but I’m so glad that we got to work together for a brief time. Sarah, Holly, Angelica, Dafne, Darien, Kristen, and all my other all stars, I’m so glad of the time that we all shared and the misery we all suffered through together. Our nights at Ale House and Applebee’s are amongst some of my most fond DCP memories, and I’m so glad that we all got to rock those 1990s bowling outfits together.

Of course the glitz and the glamour of the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World’s other exciting parks and attractions are what everyone thinks about when the thing of the DCP. While a lot of my favorite moments did happen in the parks or at work, a good portion of my greatest memories the stick out from my Disney College Program experience have nothing to do with Disney, the are driving in the car singing and talking about life, sitting around the living room watching YouTube videos, going to Celebration and dying at its cuteness, getting ice cream with my friends, and just living.

Getting to create magic for others is what brought me to the Disney College Program, but I never knew that I’d get to experience so much magic in my own life and meet so many amazing people. The Disney College Program is hard, I’m not going to lie. A lot is expected from you, very little is received by you, your hours are long and crazy and a lot of the time it feels like unfair, some people don’t treat you well because you’re just a CP, but it’s the people the win you over. I loved being able to go to the parks whenever I wanted and ride whatever and meet whoever, but it was the friends that I did it with that made it so much more memorable. I know I’ve rambled on and on about how lucky and grateful I am, but words cannot express how much love I have for all of the people that I met, lived with, and worked with. So on this anniversary of the start of my program I look back on all of the amazing memories I have with the one of a kind people I had the privilege of getting to know. The Disney College Program is something I will always look back on and smile because of how crazy and joyful and miserable an experience it was all at the same time, there is truly nothing like it, and I am so incredibly glad that I decided to do the Disney College Program Spring 2015.