The End

*This blog post is very much for myself, more so than for anyone else.

As I come to the end of my college career with graduation a mere 5 days away, I can’t help be think over and over again about the things I have been thinking the past three years at my school. I did not like my college. I wish I had gone somewhere else. I applied to 11 schools and got into all 11, I had endless options. I ended up at my college because of one thing. Money. Stupid college, why are you so expensive?

I wish I had been more aware as a high school student of all of the possibilities that lay ahead, and how many different types of colleges there are, and how I could go literally anywhere. I was a lost high schooler with no idea what I wanted to major in, as a senior I had no focus for which college to choose. I wish I had gone somewhere with tradition and history.

I know what you’re thinking, “well why didn’t you just transfer?” Um, that’s a ton of work. And I didn’t hateĀ my school, I just didn’t love it. And in the beginning, as a freshman I was blinded by the college experience so much as to not notice that I didn’t like my school.

Even though I’m leaving college with part of me wishing I had gone somewhere else, I’m glad that I didn’t because if I hadn’t gone to my school I wouldn’t have learned that I love to run. I wouldn’t have met some really great friends through school and the community. And I wouldn’t have met my amazing boyfriend.

There are pro’s and con’s to every situation in life and even though I didn’t go to my dream school and live my dream college experience, I still got a lot of good out of my years in college. Nothing will ever beat your undergrad years, but you can’t live in the past wishing you had done something else.